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Collection Description

Join The Wave

Be the strongest version of yourself with Nortiv 8 militaryboots for men collection. Military boots that can weather any storm or issue that arrses. Steal toe combat boots that are powerful, sturdy, and durable. Men's combat boots that employs extra comfort in it's lining. Those are all the things you can expect in this collection. The most powerful. 

Join the wave and see what you’re doing. Whether you're a law enforcement officer, military personnel, or just an adventurous type, you deserve a pair of Nortiv 8 military tactical boots that get the job done and look good while doing it.

Disciplined and Obedient

More than any other, you can trust Nortiv 8 military Tactical Boots to hold you down. Trust them to handle your stride and back you up in all weather or landscapes. The environment might vary but the displined aspect of anti-traction sole is always here to stay. 

Unleash Yourself

With Nortiv8’s tactical Hiking Boots we call on you to unleash yourself. It’s simple really, choose boots that can keep up with any lifestyle or landscape. Military Boots have seen it all. The cool desert or the mountainous terrain. They’ve seen regular hikes and more elaborate hikes. No matter what you’re using it for, understand there’s nothing standing in your way with a pair of Tactical Boots for men. 

How to Style Tactical Boots for Men

  • Tactical Desert Boots With Cargo Pants

    Show off your skills of discernment by picking up a pair of Tactical Boots for Men and pair them with cargo pants. Our Men Military Boots are a rugged, simple, and durable design that features everything you might need. Cargo pants are one of the most popular outfits that can be worn well with military tactical boots for men. 

  • Tactical Combat Boots With Hunting Pants

    Hunting pants can be paired well with suede military boots for men. The first step in styling tactical boots for men is understanding the materials, colors, and designs. The material of your boots can play a big role in the overall look of your outfit. For example, leather tactical boots for men are typically more formal and can be dressed up for casual business events. In contrast, suede tactical boots are more relaxed and suitable for casual events.

  • Suede Tactical Boots With Jackets

    If you have a more minimalist pair of suede tactical boots, you can pair them with a jacket and some more elaborate clothing items like patterned shirts or bold-colored pants. On the other hand, you can style them with a pair of cargo pants for a casual yet functional look. The color of your boots can also impact the overall style of your outfit. Neutral colors such as black, brown, and olive are versatile and can be paired with many outfits. 

  • Lightweight Military Boots With Shorts

    If you want a military-inspired style, you can wear your army boots for men with shorts and overshirts for a rugged look. Try pairing your military tactical boots with shorts and a t-shirt, and a tank top, or a hoodie for a simple and casual look. That is a great option for weekend errands or a casual night out with friends.

  • Tactical Boots With Chinos

    For a dressy casual look, pair your tactical boots with chinos and a button-down shirt, khakis and a polo. That is perfect for a casual date or a day out with family.  Accessories are a great way to complete your look and make your outfit pop. Belts, sunglasses, and watches are all great options for adding the finishing touches to your outfit. 

  • Military Boots With Jeans

    When it comes to jeans, choosing the right materials and color is important. For a casual look, you can opt for blue jeans coordinating with your boots. Grooming is also an important factor in finishing off your look. Ensure your hair is styled, your beard is trimmed, and your skin is well-groomed.

Things To Consider When Choosing Military Tactical Boots


The first thing to consider when choosing tactical boots is durability. These boots are designed to withstand harsh conditions, so it's important to choose a pair made from high-quality materials with reinforced stitching.

Look for boots with a tough outer shell made from leather or synthetic materials, with double or triple-stitched seams for added strength.

Additionally, consider water resistance when choosing tactical boots. If you are working in wet conditions, look for water-resistant boots to keep your feet dry.


Comfort is key when it comes to choosing tactical boots. Your military boots need to fit well and feel comfortable throughout the day, so make sure you choose a pair that is the right size for your feet. If you are between sizes, consider going up to have enough room for thick socks.

Pay attention to the insole, padding, and arch support, as these will help prevent foot fatigue and provide additional comfort. Breathability is also important, so look for boots with mesh or other breathable materials to help keep your feet cool and dry.


Your boots should provide enough support to help prevent injuries and reduce fatigue, especially in the ankles and arches. Make sure the boots you choose have good ankle support with a high ankle shaft that provides stability and protection.

Arch support is also important, as this will help prevent fatigue and provide additional comfort. Cushioning and heel support are also important for reducing shock and absorbing impact, so look for boots with these features.


Traction is crucial when choosing tactical boots, especially if working in slippery or uneven conditions. Your boots' sole material and tread design will affect their traction, so make sure you choose a pair that provides good grip and stability.

Look for military combat boots with a sole made from rubber or another non-slip material and a tread design that provides good traction on various surfaces. Additionally, look for slip-resistance boots to help prevent slips and falls.


The environment in which you will be using your tactical boots is also an important factor to consider. If you are working in various terrains and environments, look for boots that provide good traction and stability on various surfaces.

Consider the climate as well, as some boots may be too hot or too cold for certain conditions. If you work in wet conditions, ensure your boots are water-resistant or waterproof to keep your feet dry.

Brand and Price

When choosing tactical boots, it's important to consider the brand and price. There are many different brands of tactical boots, including tactical research boots, each with its own set of features and benefits.

It's important to compare different brands and models to find the one that best suits your needs and budget. Keep in mind that the most expensive boots are not always the best, so it's important to look for a balance of quality and affordability.


Finally, consider maintenance when choosing tactical boots. Make sure you choose a pair that is easy to clean and condition and that can be repaired or replaced if necessary. Store your boots in a cool and dry place to help extend their lifespan, and clean them regularly to keep them looking their best. Keeping your boots in good condition will help ensure they last for years.

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