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  • Natures Calling

    NORTIV 8 Hiking Boots are for adventurers who know exactly what they are looking for. Greenfields and stunning terrain. Our Waterproof Walking Boots are for people who hear the call of nature and plan to answer it. A pair of boots for the bold and the boldest. 

  • Waterproof And Tactical

    Waterproof Hiking Boots for the powerful. Power through climbing, camping, and hiking with our Hiking Shoes. Tactical, efficient, and perfect for the seasoned professional or nature-loving enthusiast. These are Hiking Boots for me. Pick a rugged outdoor outsole with Multi-directional Traction to improve grip and durability. 

  • Hiking Boots for All

    Hiking Boots are comfortable, stylish, and the best of the best. Hiking Boots are the last thing you should be worried about as you take the last step up that mountain and crush it. They are the last thing on your mind when you hit that walk goal you set for yourself that morning. But they are the first thing on our minds. That’s why we ensure that Hiking Boots are able to fit your needs. Because if you love being outside, we love to keep you there.

 How Should Hiking Boots Fit

Wearing a pair of men's waterproof hiking boots with the best fit won't only keep your feet happy but allow you to enjoy the beauty of nature throughout the hike. If you can’t afford to let your feet hurt and feel the pain of blisters just a mile into the trip, the key is to choose the right pair of waterproof hiking boots and make sure they fit.

Chose the perfect boots that match your terrain

You never know what your hiking will bring, but you sure should know how rugged the terrain would be. That way, you won’t wear athletic mountain boots if you’re only going for light hiking. If your hiking involves a flat, less-rocky location, for instance, you'll be thrilled for wearing flexible, lightweight boots or even men’s walking boots since they’re very comfortable and don’t need long walks to break them in.

If, however, you’re planning on hiking in a rocky location with steep inclines, wearing rugged boots will be a better choice to keep your feet free from pain. Getting a pair of waterproof hiking boots is also a brilliant investment in winter.

Access the size and fit of the boots

An important aspect when choosing the best hiking boots for men is the size and fit. If your feet are naturally wide, you’ll need wider boots.Your boots should fit snugly, not too tight or saggy.

Ensure roominess in the toe box

If your toes hit the front of the boots at the first attempt wearing them, that means you've not got the perfect pair yet. A quick way to ensure you have enough room in the boot’s toe box is to use this trick:

  • Insert your longer foot, laying the boot on a flat surface.
  • Push the foot forward so that your toe hits the end of the boot.
  • Standing upright, insert your index finger between your heel and the heel of the boot.

For a perfect fit, your index finger should fit in snugly without your toe bending or feeling uncomfortable in the toe box. Meanwhile, do that in the evening while wearing the same socks you intend to wear on hiking.

Reflect on the socks 

Talking about socks, though, it boils down to the weather condition. You may decide to wear thinner socks (or go sockless) while hiking in the warmer months, but wearing a nice pair of thick, woolen socks can boost the joy in your hike when the cooler months are here.

Well, your socks also matter when choosing the best hiking boots for men and women. We recommend you go with your thickest pair of socks when trying out your new hiking boots, as thick socks may bump your foot size up to half size or so.

Add extra insole if required. 

Most hiking boots we sell here come with padded, cushioning midsoles and insoles. However, since all feet are not equal, you may need an extra insole, especially if you're flat-footed. The extra insole can offer additional grip and padding, so add them if needed. All in all, you shouldn’t forget to break in your new boots before hitting the trail.

How to Break In Hiking Boots

Breaking in your hiking boots shouldn’t be a tedious task if you do it right.

Wear them inside your house.

Don’t hit the trail with your new hiking boots; instead, wear them inside your house for a couple of hours in the day. By doing that, you’ll get to know if the boots are uncomfortable or only need more breaking-in periods. And, of course, it'll put them in a clean, returnable state in case they're too tight or saggy.

Walk around your street.

Once you're done testing the boots inside, it's time to take it up a notch. Wear them around your neighborhood, throwing away the trash, or whatever—just ensure you wear them on a longer time and distance.

It's time to wear some loads.

You shouldn’t only wear boots, carry some loads as well. Since you'll be hiking with backpacks, it makes sense if you try them on now. As usual, your weight will increase, and your feet will expand once you carry loads; so, trying your boots at home while carrying your typical backpack can tell you more about what to expect during the hike. If you're comfortable doing that, you shouldn't have problems when you finally hit the trail.  

Go slow and steady

Do you know what's more necessary while breaking in your new hiking boots? It’s enjoying the process without cutting through corners. Different boots require different breaking-in periods; remember to follow these guides, finishing one before jumping to the other when breaking in your new boots. Meanwhile, remember to follow the manufacturer's tips/guidelines, if any.  

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